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    Our service: Legal compliance and peace of mind for our partners.

    Rating & Audit Ltd. was founded for the purpose of being able to be at the disposal of those who want to be among the best with outstanding expertise.

    You need an excellent and reliable auditor if:

    • The annual turnover of the company is >300 on average taking the previous two years in account.
    • The number of employees is >50 on average taking the previous two years in account.
    • Applied for EU tender and thus mandatory
    • Public foundation
    • Housing association
    • Transforming company
    • Planning on purchasing a company
    • You need due diligence
    • You want certainty
    • You finally want orderliness in your books

    Expertise activity

    • Advice for prospective entrepreneurs
    • Forensic accountancy
    • Support for accountants and tax experts (Support)
    • Audit support
    • Firm valuation
    • Due diligence
    • For acquisition plans: review of taxation and financial accounting processes 

    Auditing with youthful momentum

    We conduct our audit with a youthful, yet high-quality corporate, IFRS and budget-certified executive auditor.


    We truly close the audit with an independent auditor's report

    Ideally, it means that the report is free from material error. And you may be liberated as the closing works of a marketing year have ended.


    • Expertise and experience to keep you relaxed
    • An audit firm with an excellent tax expert so your company shall not throw away unnecessary tax money because the accountant may not be fully aware of themselves and may not be sure of the complexity of the tax maze
    • An auditor with a well-developed and thoroughly functioning system to save you time and support your financial economy
    • A correspondent auditor who speaks German and English, so that they can communicate directly with a foreign parent company and shareholders
    • Elegant environment and quality work, to feel the special treatment.
    • High expertise to get an excellent solution for your purposes
    • Experience with foreigners
    • Our references for cooperation with KPMG with Ernst & Young
    • Reliability, because business secrets are paramount

    If your company is an:

    • Enterprise
    • Financial enterprises
    • Budgetary institution
    • Council, local government
    • Prepares its financial statements in accordance with IFRS
    • Non-profit organisation
    • Public foundation